Studio Yani

Textile Designer & Knitting Specialist

About me

Yani is a knitting enthusiast and a textile designer. She finds inspiration in the tactility and playful colors, further translating into textile products. Working as a Circular Knit Engineer for the last three years and demonstrated her ability in design, art, and technical knitting. Yani has a strong sense of design, art field, and technical knitting. With demonstrated experience in design development and industrial environment.

Yani later has been trained as a Knitting Specialist on several industrial knitting machines. Especially on the circular knitting machines (Santoni, Mayer Cie). The last three years she worked at BYBORRE in Amsterdam. Now working as at TextielLab in Tilburg as a trainee becoming a Product Developer. Expanding her knowledge on the flatbed knitting machines (STOLL).


Industrial circular knitting machines
    • Operation, maintance and problem-solving on circular knitting machines
    • Sampling and small production on circular knitting machines
    • Programming pattern designs, structures and color research
    • Machine types:
      • Mayer & Cie.
      • Santoni circular knitting
    • Raw materials including wool, nylon, cotton, polyester and elastane
    • Troubleshooting with machine suppliers
Textile Design
    • Conceptual research
    • Textile experiment
    • Pattern design
    • Chinese - Native
    • English - Professional working proficiency
    • Dutch - Professional working proficiency
    • Excel
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe InDesign
    • Machine programming software:
      • Mayer & Cie.: MDS1
      • Santoni circular knitting: Photon
      • Santoni circular knitting: Qusar


DNA IKEA | De Cacao Fabriek Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Group Exhibition, 2020

Found Footage | Heden Gallery The Hague, The Netherlands

Trio Exhibition, 2019

The Domestic Landscape | Firma van Drie Gouda, The Netherlands

Solo Exhibition, 2018

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The Domestic Landscape

The Domestic Landscape
Textile design and material experiment
Nominated for Heden Award 2018

The project, titled The Domestic Landscape, is a reflection of how we use our everyday objects. By deconstructing, reconstructing, and adding textile-designed values, I want to highlight the potential for our used objects. I see these everyday objects as material that is shared and engaged in our life routine. All these objects are presented as possibilities of how we can reuse our existing resources. In order to increase not only the lifespan but also our emotional connection to the object.

Sample Serie 01

Sample Serie 01

A collection of printed samples.

Burning Chair

Burning Chair

To burn your isolation away. To reconstruct your impression of a chair. Burning chair is an idea of taking a fragment of the burning process and make it vivid into textile. Some people describle it like a throne, some people think it is even too fragile to sit in.

Acrylic Dress

Acrylic Dress

Inspired by my artistic mother. I develop this unconventional material by directly using Acrylic paint as fabric to sculpt on the model.

Painting Series 01

Painting series

A collection of multi-medium paintings